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What to Expect

Hands down, you will not find anyone that is better with kids than Blair. His patience is off the charts! He can turn a screamer into a dreamer and as a parent, you can actually relax while you are here because Blair does it all. During your visit, you can expect several different looks. You won't see plain backgournds and your child sitting on a stool. Blair has over 30 custom designed sets and scenes like no one else.  Did I mention, he's a national award winning photographer?

What to Bring/Lifestyles

Bring several outfits that are indicative to your style. What do you do for a living? What does your husband do? What are your hobbies or interests? We can incorporate what you do for an occupation or hobbies into any of our sessions: Maternity, Newborn, Child or Family. For example: we had a family who owns a construction company and he brought in a bunch of his tools. Blair put all the tools together to make a scene = It ROCKED! Is your husband involved in racing? Bring the helmet and let us put your newborn inside the helmet.

Sessions with Blair are nothing but exciting and entertaining. Blair is uber enthusiastic and animated, showing you how to pose for each shot.

This isn't just any portrait session, it's an experience!